AUPE / Dent Pharm Engagement Session

AUPE – Allan Partridge & Steve Rumley

– There is no intellectual property on any project
– Use of “Fab Four”
– Original contract was “Bespoke” Design-Builder + Consultant Agreement, Essentially CCDC 15 with Supplements.  11 amendments made to the articles of agreement, definitions and general conditions.  Linked definitions back in.
– How do you contract in an aspirational manner?  By being scalable in a non-binary way.
– Primary characteristic is in one each party provides, budget is secondary.

Successes & Challenges

– Project maintained with ASTM Class 4
– Transition model from Design Intent
– Green lighting all scopes
– 71 RFI’s (45 Pre-Construction)
– No site meetings – replaced by VDC meetings
– Reduce “drawing” down to only what is important.  Add that value to model maturity.

Dent/Pharm – Kent Love & Peter Osbourne

– Hybrid best value approach (10-5-1)
– Open RFP for Prime Consulting and Engineering Services
– Mechanical and Electrical consultants selected with input by the University
– New U of A BIM policy applies
– Required to provide a full coordinated model
– Clark Builders to incorporate fabrication models into a single record model
– Kent: we’re excited about the COBie database
– Clash mitigation reports
– Procurement focused on value
– Focus on team members during the evaluation
– CM was brought on early
– Core & Shell design – provided flexibility for the longevity of the building
– Revit workstations on site


– Limited contract requirement around collaboration
– Trade input early in the design process
– Design advancing ahead of programming
– Clarity of COBie information requirements with the University

– Question: COBie is time consuming and onerous.  Challenge in defining the geometry and special organization.  Generally, the data is very valuable to the owner, whereas the model is not.  Use the data to build a separate system.  Industry can move to systems integration in the model.  Great concept but lacked context.  Moving forward the focus should be on properly extracting data from the model.  F&E people don’t need model knowledge, they just need to know where things are located.  Facility management is like a journey in the fog.  Move forward with higher integration of facilities people on day one.  CapEx and OpEx in the same bucket.  Make decisions on that premise.
– Some owners are savy, some aren’t, some trades are savy, and some aren’t.

Intellectual Property – Challenge

– Need respect of all crafts
– Challenge each other in a professional manner (all stakeholders)
– Elon Musk example, crash test software example
Make data sharable across the industry – breaking away from the intellectual property notion
– First step is to debunk the objections (JVB): competitive advantage, risk, capital infusion, liability
– Claims for A&E firms is mainly because of communication
– You can’t copyright a process, only product
– Roddy:  there no “big secret” about BIM
– Jason Portas: nothing we do is that special – the people are special
– At a later date, we need to dive into copyright and the act – Continued spirit of comradery in Alberta gives us an opportunity to be aspirational

A Path Forward

– Relational vs. Transactional Contracts
– One page with Annexes
– Contract solidarity that harmonizes conflict
– Master Builder as a process and not an individual
– Ownership of manageable risk and associated scope by appropriate members

Low fee = maximum value.  Easiest is not what’s best Scoring models affect what’s provided by (more European-centric would be preferred) City of Edmonton moving towards an average model for procurement (high/low), focus on transparency

Relevant Future Sessions / Paths Forward

– Defining what our commodity really is
– Regulations, obligations and how it conflicts to what we’re doing
– Deeper discussion on the City of Edmonton’s new bidding model
– Brad: Edmonton becomes the go-to standard for building (builders) in North America.  Aspirational conversation.

– Discussion on delegated design – when is it appropriate and when not?
– How do we continue this conversation related to the 1-page contract?  How do we relate this conversation to the Risk conversation?
– Need to set a BHAG for the group
– McKinsey Report (productivity). 40% improvement.
– Allan:  what about a 20% less goal from 2020 numbers in the next few years
– Every owner in this room commits to one project as a model
– Create a safe culture for innovation
– SME’s struggle to find work related to larger companies because of the current system
– Trade agreements pit local companies against others – need to support our local economy at this time