Priority 4


    Performance Management System Principles

    Priority 4

    Chairs: Brian Latte, Chris Wright, Jesse Banford

    Desired Outcomes:

    • Explore the potential for a common set of principles for owners
    • Gather broad industry input to establish common principles & criteria
    • Establish a continuous improvement feedback mechanism
    • Align with ECA Owner Affirmation Plan and a validation process

    Supplier Performance Management - City of Edmonton

    The City of Edmonton’s Corporate Procurement and Supply Services branch is creating a new Supplier Performance Management (SPM) program.

    The ECA through our Owners Forum has worked with several owners the last several years on similar initiatives and understands the importance of supplier performance management. We also support the City’s efforts as they work to finalize their framework.

    At this time the City is looking for feedback on their framework and we are passing on the opportunity for input to you.

    A presentation provided by the City of Edmonton is available below, as is a copy of the framework.

    For those who are unfamiliar with supplier performance management, it is meant to enable a standardized approach to formally measure supplier performance on City contracts.

    An effective SPM program, ensures an appropriate level of governance, structure, collaboration and communication are established with suppliers to reduce costs, alleviate risks, and drive continuous improvement.

    The City of Edmonton welcomes the feedback we will provide.

    We ask members and industry stakeholders to provide feedback by Thursday, April 9th to

    VPM Program - Alberta Infrastructure

    Alberta Infrastructure recently launched their Vendor Performance Management (VPM) program.

    AI’s VPM Program has been implemented on new procurement solicitations posted as of January 6, 2020, for contracts opted-in to the VPM Program or above the VPM Program threshold of $100,000